T-Mobile Balance

T-Mobile Balance

This rich media banner for T-Mobile Balance was created to run side-by-side with the national TV campaign. The concept is how easy it is to carry all your music in one handheld device, it features the integration of Google Music in the HTC One smartphone with Beats Audio.

In order to generate more user engagement, we created an interactive game inside the banner with a concept taken from one of the TV spots. The character in the game is carrying a tower of CD’s and he needs to move forward sorting all kinds of obstacles without dropping it. The user gets points awarded every time he passes an obstacle.

The character was filmed on green screen to bring him to life inside a graphic environment. One thing I can tell you about this project is that, we played the game so many times during the development that I can still hear the little music playing in my head…

This project was awarded to Plural by Conill Advertising in Los Angeles, CA.

Disciplines Used:

• Art Direction – Design
• Front-end Development
• Game Architecture and Development
• Film Direction and VFX

T-Mobile Balance 1

T-Mobile Balance 2T-Mobile Balance 3T-Mobile Balance 4

T-Mobile Balance 728x90 Banner


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