HTC One X+

State Farm Carlos Ponce

DEUTSCH LA once again handed us their trust. This time to develop an interactive ad unit for the HTC ONE X+. The unit is a game that challenged users to take snap shots and video of the specific footage.

On the first level the user is challenged to snap a picture of splashing water. The second level the user is asked to capture mi-air bike tricks with the camera’s continuos shooting function. And at last the user is challenged to take photos while shooting a video of a breakdancer. All this to show the phones awesome camera features.

This unit ran as a Youtube Masthead takeover which made everyones expectations top notch. Knowing that we where going to have Youtube’s page all to ourselves set very high creative demands from our entire team to produce and excellent product for our client Deutsch.

Disciplines Used:

• Art Direction
• Front-end Development
• Game Development

HTC One X Plus Game Banner 1

HTC One X Plus Game Banner 2

HTC One X Plus Game Banner 3

HTC One X Plus Game Banner 4


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