There is a first time for everything


I remember when it was just a friend and me in our homes trying to figure out how to reach those brands everyone wants to work with. We were very ambitious and determined to get there. One day the phone rang and there it was; our first opportunity to prove ourselves. We were tasked to do a series of illustrations for Toyota Yaris and the project was a success! It was like that first time you go on a date, do really well, and expect a call for the second one. Well, it did not take too long for the phone to ring again and this time it was for the Toyota Matrix project. The rest is history.

Those experiences and many others comprise what Plural is today; a global multicultural digital agency with offices in Los Angeles and Santiago, Chile and a team with vast experience in the digital arena.

A special shout out to Conill Advertising for giving us that first opportunity and always keeping us on their mind.

Sergio Bahamondes
Founder / Digital Director

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