Aflac Agents

Aflac Agents 160x600

Conill Advertising came to us to produce the latest digital campaign for Aflac, which included several pieces, not only banners but also HTML Email and Landing Pages.

The main piece, and perhaps the most interesting to produce, was “Hammer”, a Rich Media unit that challenges the user to interact by trying to hit the nail in the head. If the user fails and injures himself, a calculator comes up to estimate the cost of the injury like having to go to the emergency room, missing work days, medicine, etc.

The hand was developed in 3D.

The rest of the campaign was focused on featuring real Aflac agents telling their stories. To better communicate that story, we used in-banner video.

Disciplines Used:

• Art Direction – Design
• Development
• 3D

Aflac Hammer Banner


Aflac Agents 160x600


Aflac Hipotequitis


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